Penarth Hit by Flash Flooding


Published Friday 23 May 2014


Fire Service crews, as well as Council staff, were called to several areas in The Vale yesterday, including Lavernock Road and Windsor Road in Penarth, as well as Murch Road in Dinas Powys.


Flash floods hit the area after a sudden downpour on Thursday 22 May.


The flooding follows a snap yellow weather warning issued by the Met Office just a day before, urging people in South Wales to be aware.


The Vale Council had three teams visiting areas late into the evening on Thursday to help clear the flood water from affected areas.


Luckily, most sites were clear of surface water when crews arrived where it had filtered naturally through the drainage system, although for some the floods were simply too fast.


Although the Met Office has issued no further severe weather warnings, residents are still being urged to be aware that more rain is forecast going into the weekend.


Michael Clogg Operational Manager for Highways & Engineering said: “The Council will be commencing investigations into the flooding incidents as Lead Local Flood Authority under the Flood and Water Management Act in order to understand their cause and ensure that appropriate agencies play their role in the effective management of flooding incidents and recovery.


“The Council will continue to provide resources in the areas affected through Friday as required to ensure drainage systems are working as effectively as possible to help reduce the risk of reoccurrence of any flooding. Appropriate resources will be in place over the forthcoming weekend to respond to any further heavy rainfall events that may occur.


“Sand bags are available at the Court Road Council depot for collection by residents if required.”