Plans for closer working between community councils and Vale Council agreed


Published 15 May 2014


An action plan designed to establish closer working arrangements between the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the county’s town and community councils has been agreed.


Twenty two town and community councils in the Vale agreed to a new Charter with the Vale Council last autumn and in April the action plan was finalised and endorsed by Cabinet. The Charter is designed to build on existing good practice and embrace the shared principles of openness, respect, honesty and the common priority of putting citizens at the centre. It is a set of guiding principles by which the councils will work together.


A working group made up of representatives of the town and community councils and the Vale of Glamorgan Council then met and drafted the action plan which was agreed by the Community Liaison Committee in March 2014 and by Cabinet April 2014.


The Leader of the Council, Cllr Neil Moore, said: “The Charter outlines the aims on which the Vale Council and town and community councils wish to work together for the benefit of local communities, whilst also recognising their respective responsibilities as autonomous democratically elected statutory bodies.


Now that the action plan has been agreed, we are all looking forward to developing closer and more productive working relationships.