Summer Sailings to Return to Penarth Pier


Published 22 May 2014


A new gangway will be constructed at Penarth Pier in order to enable the pleasure boat ‘Dame Shirley’ to run sailing trips from the landmark this summer.


Penarth Civic Society has offered £500 towards the construction of a new gangway at Penarth Pier that will allow the Dame Shirley to offer sailings to visitors during the summer. The remaining £1100 cost is to be met by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


Cllr Lis Burnett, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and ward member for St Augustine’s, said: “Coming so soon after the pier was named Pier of the Year 2014 in April, this is yet more good news for Penarth Pier and the town as a whole. This will allow people to enjoy pleasure sailing regularly, and will help cement the pier’s place in the hearts of both residents and many new visitors.”


The 200 capacity boat was set to start running trips around Flat Holm Island at the beginning of May, but the existing gangway did not provide suitable access during all tide heights.


The new gangway will mean that passengers can access the boat safely and will allow the service to continue running throughout the summer weekends, ensuring that as many visitors as possible can enjoy a trip around the island.


Chris Wyatt of Penarth Civic Society, said: “With the Waverley only offering a drastically reduced programme this year and the Balmoral out of commission until 2015 at the earliest, it began to look as if the summer would pass without any pleasure cruises being available. The Penarth Civic Society is therefore delighted that the Dame Shirley will be providing a regular schedule of weekend cruises from the pier and is providing a £500 grant towards the purchase of the new gangway required.”