6 arrested following CCTV monitoring


Published 24 November 2014


CCTV monitoring in the Vale of Glamorgan led to 6 arrests issued last week.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council's CCTV team contacted police a total of 35 times during the week ending 23 November 2014.


On 18 November two arrests were made, one on Holton Road, one on Dunlin Court, both wanted on a warrant.


On 22 November, two people were arrested on Broad Street for a public order offence.


Also on 22 November, one person was arrested on Holton Road wanted on a warrant, while another was arrested on Windsor Road for a public order offence.


All crimes are alleged at the time of incident.


The Vale of Glamorgan’s CCTV operation is part of the Safer Vale Partnership, which comprises of representatives of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Police, Fire and Rescue, Probation and Crown Prosecution Services, Vale Local Health Board, NHS Trusts, Vale Council for Voluntary Service and other statutory and voluntary bodies.


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