Council’s Social Services Praised in Annual Performance Evaluation


Published 24 November 2014


The Chief Inspector for Social Services in Wales has completed her annual performance evaluation of the Vale of Glamorgan’s Social Services department.


In the report she described the Council as “providing clear leadership and direction for all social services functions”, with no areas for improvement in this area of work. She went on to say “there are detailed plans in place to deal with areas where further change is needed.”


Staff within social services were reported to be well qualified and their experience was also noted. In adult services, the council has created a new integrated reablement service with the University Health Board in Barry Hospital and has completed the new extra care housing facility in Barry. The report also noted that “the council’s integrated discharge service, operated in partnership with Cardiff Council and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is innovative in its scope and intention and when fully implemented should become an area of good practice.”


In children’s services, the council has made significant improvement in its youth offending work. There has been an increase in the number of foster carers and good performance in safeguarding children. In family support services, surveys showed “the increased confidence of children, young people and their families, coupled with positive changes to their circumstances.”


The Leader of the Council, Cllr Neil Moore, said: “We value highly the work done by our staff in social services, often in very difficult circumstances, and the impact this has on the lives of people throughout the Vale of Glamorgan who need help. We are delighted to have this positive endorsement from the Chief Inspector as we face up to the immense challenges that lie ahead for social services and for the Council.”


Director of Social Services, Phil Evans, said: “This report gives proper credit to all our service providers who consistently make every effort to ensure that we meet people’s needs and expectations. The finding of the annual evaluation by the Chief Inspector show that we are building on solid foundations and that we have clear plans for further innovation.”