Isabella and the String of Beads comes to Art Central


Isabella and the String of BeadsPublished 12 November 2014


Artist Katrina Kirkwood will be hosting her workshop entitled Isabella and the String of Beads at Art Central gallery to commemorate the work of her grandmother, Isabella Stenhouse, who was a doctor during World War I.


Those attending will be decorating small beads, which will then be threaded onto a communal strand of DNA to commemorate the legacy of women such as Isabella who went against the flow of their times to alter the DNA of our culture.


The workshop runs from 2-4pm on Saturday 15 November. Entry is free, and all are welcome to come along and add to the story.


Isabella was one of the first women doctors to serve on the battlefields of World War I, fighting sexism as much as terrible wounds and disease on the Western Front.


The workshop looks to explore the work of Katrina’s grandmother and other women of her time, and create a fitting tribute to the affect they had on their surroundings.


For more information visit or call Art Central on 01446 422428.