Strange Crop Circles at Porthkerry Park


Published 03 November 2014


Strange circles have appeared recently on the main meadow at Porthkerry over the weekend, raising a lot of questions for visitors. Did something spooky happen over Halloween? Have aliens actually landed? Fortunately, the answer is a bit simpler.


Crop circles at PorthkerryThe rangers, in partnership with Porthkerry Wildlife Group, Natural Resources Wales, and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, are busy creating two new wildflower areas before the weather gets too cold.


Two small areas of meadow have been cut, scarified, raked and then sown with a range of wildflower seeds. The seeds have either been donated or collected from other areas of the park or other wildflower sites nearby.


Mel Stewart, Ranger, said: “The rangers and volunteers have been out collecting seed all summer long. We can’t wait until next summer when we hope to see the meadow a mass of beautiful flowers that will help attract bees and butterflies throughout the summer.”


Anyone interested in joining Porthkerry Wildlife group or help out with future conservation projects should contact the ranger service on 01446 733589 or email