The Vale of Glamorgan Council to investigate voluntary merger with Bridgend


Published 19 November 2014


The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to work with its neighbouring authority Bridgend to develop a plan for a potential voluntary merger of the two organisations.



Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale Council, said: “It is now clear that some sort of Local Government reorganisation is going to happen at some time. It’s also clear that if we do nothing a merger will be imposed upon us and we will have no say in shaping our future services. A voluntary merger offers a unique opportunity for us to transform the way in which we deliver the services that our residents need.



“The Council is already under unprecedented financial pressure and dire future predictions for public spending suggest that the situation will only worsen. Should other council mergers proceed as planned, the Vale would be one of the smallest in Wales. This could not only render many of our services unviable but could also mean the Vale’s influence on regional and national issues would be minimal.”



“Bridgend and the Vale share a number of similarities. A merger of the two organisations would be one of equal partners and one which would see the benefits distributed fairly across the new region.”



Joint work is now underway to develop a formal expression of interest in a voluntary merger which will be submitted to Welsh Government on 28 November. The Vale’s submission will then be submitted for ratification to a meeting of full council in December.