Are you ready to go Superfast?


Superfast Cymru logo and graphicsPublished 30 October 2014


Imagine a place where you can do more, faster and online. Whether that’s working from home, building a business or studying for that next qualification.


Imagine the Vale of Glamorgan as a place where people and businesses are not constrained by slow broadband speed, they can communicate, do business and access services with ease.


This is now a reality for many residents and businesses in the Vale of Glamorgan as superfast speeds have arrived! Fibre is available in areas of Barry, Llantwit Major, Penarth,  Cowbridge, Dinas Powys, Rhoose, Southerndown and Sully as a result of the Superfast Cymru programme. Areas of Wick, St Athan and Bonvilston will be able to access the service during the Spring of 2015.


Superfast broadband is not just about a faster Internet experience or about doing one thing quicker. It’s about everyone in the house being able to do their own thing online, all at the same time.


What next?


If you are a resident of the Vale of Glamorgan, register your interest on the Superfast Cymru website, You will be kept in the loop on the programme’s progress and you will get an e-shot letting you know when fibre broadband becomes available to you. There are a number of different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering the service, so you can just shop around and choose the best deal for you!


For more information on the Superfast Cymru initiative, visit the Council website.