Barry Island Funfair Statement

02 October 2014

In response to recent coverage in the local press, Cllr Lis Burnett, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, has made the following comments on the Council’s work to secure the future of the site of the Barry Island funfair.


“The Barry Island funfair site is in private ownership and so all the Council is able to do is work with the owners and assist them in developing the site for the future.


“In recent years the Council has resisted calls to allow the funfair site to be used for housing and has instead worked tirelessly to secure a leisure based use for the site.


“Consultants acting for the site’s current owners have consistently advised the Council that a previously proposed scheme for indoor leisure, cinema and restaurants is not viable.


“Despite a resolution by planning committee to approve the scheme, there was a continued lack of progress in bringing the scheme forward.  As a consequence the scheme was withdrawn. This is disappointing given the amount of time invested by officers and elected members in the process.


“Since that time, Council officers have been working with the owners and their consultants to find a way forward. So far this has not resulted in a new proposal.


“The Council has been advised by the owners of the funfair site and their consultants that there is currently interest in the funfair from a party willing to develop the site for leisure and tourism. Frustratingly the full details of this interest have not been shared with Council officers.


“The Vale of Glamorgan Council is very eager to see the site brought back into use and so has encouraged the site’s owners to progress this interest further. Despite the encouragement of the Council, progress is not being made.


“We know that local traders, the people of Barry, visitors to the town and many others share the Council’s desire to see the site brought back into use.


“The lack of progress and the manner in which the site has been allowed to decay and fall into disrepair is in stark contrast to the investment and attention given to Barry Island by the Council in recent years.


“The Vale of Glamorgan Council is doing everything in its power to lead on the regeneration of Barry Island. However, while recent years have seen great improvements to the resort, it is my belief that Barry Island can only fulfil its enormous potential if all of those with a stake in its future work together.”


Cllr Lis Burnett, Cabinet Member for Regeneration