Vale Residents Asked to Help Reshape Council Services


Published 10 October 2014


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has launched a public consultation asking residents of the Vale to give their views on how services should be prioritised in light of tight financial constraints within which the organisation will be operating for the foreseeable future.


Public services across the UK have seen their annual budgets greatly reduced, and councils are being forced to make radical changes.


Vale residents are being asked to play role in reshaping services across the county by sharing their views on which services they value the most, starting with next year’s budget.


Under the Vale Council’s Reshaping Services Strategy all council services are being reviewed in order to identify new and innovative ways of delivering them. This aim of this work is to maintain as many services as possible, while finding the £32million of savings that will be required over the next three years.


Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Council, said: “We know that council services are varied, and that different services are valued by different groups. The budget survey has been designed to measure how highly Vale residents value the services that they use. The responses we receive will help us tackle the big challenges that the Council has to face.”


The budget survey, as well as more detailed information about the Council’s budget, is available on the Council website at Hard copies are available on request by calling 01446 700111. The consultation will close on 31 October 2014.