World War Two Books Donated to Vale Libraries


Published 13 October 2014


A limited edition of Barry and the Second World War by Dr. Johnathan Hicks has been donated to Vale of Glamorgan libraries at a reception hosted by the Mayors of the Vale and Barry, Cllrs Howard Hamilton and Jeffrey Evans.


A second copy has also been donated to Barry Town Council.


The book is not for sale, but will be available to use in Barry Library as one of many books and documents in the local studies collection, including Dr. Hicks’ earlier book on Barry and the Great War.


Dr Julian Hicks with the Mayors of the Vale and BarryCllr Stuart Egan, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, praised the effort that had gone into the research and the timeliness of the work as September marked the 75 years since the start of the Second World War.


The book gives an insight into the role of local people during the war years and provides many direct accounts of the contributions they made and the way the conflict affected their lives. It took seven years to research and during the process the author was able to meet and interview veterans and their relatives as well as conducting research using newspapers and local documents.