Free ‘Digital Champion’ Training for Volunteers


Published 04 September 2014


Did you know that one out of five people in the Vale of Glamorgan are not confident in using the internet?



By not being online, they miss out on opportunities such as price comparison websites, accessing council services from home, more efficient job searching or communicating with friends and family through social media or free Skype calls.


Using the internet for the first time ever can be a daunting experience, comparable to learning to read, holding a new musical  instrument in your hands or learning to drive. Dedicated tutors can make a big difference in helping those new to computers in taking their first steps online.


As a Digital Champion, your role is to show others how to use the internet. All that is required of you is basic computer skills and the motivation to be a patient and understanding teacher. Everything else you will be taught during the Digital Champions induction training.


Once certified, you can start helping others to get online. You can help your own family, friends and neighbours, or look for volunteering opportunities with organisations such as Communities First or Communities 2.0.


To find out more about digital inclusion in the Vale of Glamorgan, take a look at the Get the Vale Online website at


If you think being a Digital Champion is something for you, fill out an application here or get in touch with Get the Vale Online Coordinator Andreas Karpati on 01446 741706.