Harry Potter Night at Cowbridge Library

Harry Potter night Cowbridge library platform nine and three quarters


Published 27 April 2015


Staff at Cowbridge library hosted a Harry Potter night for children from across the Vale on Wednesday 22 April.


The library was transformed for the night, with children having to enter through the wall of the famous platform 9 and three quarters.


Children dressed up as characters from the books, and everyone was put into a Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat.


Before the Houses went off to do their tasks Professor Julia Snape read a section of the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


Then, with the help of Professor Amanda McGonagall, Professor Tracey Ravenclaw and a strange, green-haired creature who went by the name of Sarah, children took part in a range of activities including wand making, potion brewing, and two owls from Owls4U flew in with their keepers, keeping everyone entranced.Harry Potter night Cowbridge library potion making


There was also a break halfway through for a well-deserved, fortifying glass of Butterbeer.


Professor Melanie Sprout, also known as Librarian Melanie Weeks, said: “I would like to thank the amazing staff of Cowbridge library for all their hard work and dedication in organising this event. Special mention must go to Professor Julia Snape who worked tirelessly at home and in the library and whose creativity and enthusiasm made the evening such a success.”