Keep your home safe over the Christmas period


Published 23 December 2015


For some opportunist burglars Christmas can arrive early when they come across properties which appear to be insecure, unoccupied and have valuables such as keys, electricals and Christmas presents on view.  


Ensure your home and valuables are safe and secure over the festive period by following The Safer Vale Partnership’s simple steps.

  • Shut all windows and lock them when you are not using the room, at night and when you leave your property. 
  • Lock all front and rear doors at night and when you are out. If you have a UPVC door with a multi-point lock ensure you lift the handle and lock it with the key.
  • Ensure all car keys and other keys are out of sight and not in reach of windows and letterboxes. It doesn't take much for the keys to be hooked through the letterbox.
  • If you are going out for the evening leave a light on so your home looks occupied. If you go out whilst it is daylight and won't be getting home till dark then timer switches are available to set the time for when you want lights to come on. 
  • When you are out Christmas shopping don't leave the bought items and other valuables such as phones, sat navs and bags visible in your vehicle. 
  • Keep your wrapped Christmas presents hidden and put them out on the night. 
  • Break all wrapping and boxes down and place in your bin ensuring it is not visible and take large boxes to the refuse - don't give criminals the heads up on what nice new valuables you have in your home.
  • If you are going away over the holiday period, try to make your home look occupied by using timer switches. Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries. Get a friend or neighbour to collect your post and draw your curtains to make home look lived in while you are away. 

 If you see anyone acting suspicious around your or others properties contact the Police on 101.