Porthkerry fly-tipping Millwood entrancePorthkerry Fly-tippers Fined


Published 6 February 2015


A fixed penalty notice has been issued to people caught fly-tipping at Porthkerry Park.


Two men were seen by a member of the public dumping litter and rubble at the Millwood entrance.


After managing to photograph the act on their mobile phone, the member of the public then reported the incident to the main office.


After studying the evidence, Vale enforcement officers saw fit to issue the men with a fixed penalty notice for fly-tipping.


Country Park Ranger Mel Stewart said: “This seems to be an increasing problem, and is something that won’t be tolerated. Fly-tipping is not only an eyesore, it also damages wildlife and habitats, and the time and cost of removing the waste all adds up.


“It’s fantastic to see that someone had the integrity to report this to us. I’m glad that someone was held to account, and I hope this sends a very clear message to everyone else.”


The penalty for fly-tipping can reach up to a £50,000 fine or twelve months’ imprisonment.


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