Vale Council expresses frustration at funfair delays


Published 13 February 2015


After committing considerable time and effort to helping bring a new funfair for Barry Island, the Vale of Glamorgan Council finds itself in a familiar position.


Having previously spent many years negotiating on a proposal with the funfair site’s owners to no avail, the latest plans for the site again appear to have reached an impasse.


In recent months the Council has worked closely with funfair operator Henry Danter to help progress his ideas for the site. Council officers have visited his pleasure parks in the Midlands and the Wye Valley to ensure that the best possible advice can be provided. Further to this a series of meetings have been hosted by the Council where officers and councillors have worked hard to broker agreements between all parties.


The site's owners have made it clear that they will not allow for the site to be used by Mr Danter, or any other person, until they obtain planning permission for the redevelopment of the Dolphin public house for housing.


Following the intervention of officers, the initial Dolphin scheme was amended to include commercial floor-space on the ground floor. This amended application is currently being considered. However, the site's owners have advised the Council that they will not entertain entering into planning obligations that are normally required for such a development, such as the provision of affordable housing.


No justification for this approach has been received. As a consequence, the applicant is in effect asking the Council to depart from established policy without reason.


Rob Thomas, Director of Development Services, said: “Henry Danter wants to be on-site by Easter. The Council wants Henry Danter to be on site by Easter. We have worked with Mr Danter to ensure that his plans for the fairground do not need planning permission so that once the sale of the land is agreed the fairground can be up and running as soon as possible. This is why it is extremely frustrating that yet again delays are being encountered.


“At last we have a willing buyer in place for a site that has been allowed to decay and deteriorate into an eyesore. It does nothing but harm to the image of Barry Island and is in stark contrast to the investment and attention paid to the eastern promenade and Maslin Park by the Council over the last 12 months.


“With further improvements planned for the Promenade Gardens and the Western shelter, and given the interest from Henry Danter, it is extremely disappointing that the Council, residents, visitors and the community of Barry Island are effectively being held to ransom by the site owners.


“As recent history shows we have remained steadfast in our commitment to regenerating Barry Island. The approach of the site's owners is simply not acceptable. We will not flinch in our efforts to secure the re-use of the site for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.”