Vale Council receives £1.2m award for achievement


Published 12 February 2015


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been awarded a grant of £1.2m by Welsh Government in recognition of its high achievement for the 2013/14 financial year.


The award relates to the Council’s Outcome Agreement, which covers five key areas of the organisation’s work - supporting the local economy, increasing school attainment, improving the lives of older people, improving social housing, and reducing landfill.


Payment of the grant award to the Council is according to the level of achievement of its outcomes as outlined within the Agreement with full achievement securing the Council an incentive grant of £1,232,000 each year.


In his review of the Vale's performance for 2013/14 the Minister for Public Services, Leighton Andrews, found that the Council had fully achieved its agreed targets in four of these areas and partially achieved the remaining one. This positive review resulted in the authority qualifying for the maximum award available.


Cllr Neil Moore, the Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “Welsh Government’s recognition of our success in all five of our key areas of work serves to demonstrate that this is a high achieving local authority.


“This success is a testament to the hard work of our officers who are continuing to deliver high quality services in a time of unprecedented financial pressure. We will continue to closely monitor our performance to ensure that these high standards are maintained and that our residents continue to receive the best services that we can deliver."