Vale joins rest of Wales with bulky item charges


Published 6 February 2015


Due to ever increasing budgetary pressures the Vale of Glamorgan Council has indicated that it can no longer continue to provide bulky item waste collections free of charge to all customers.


Currently every authority in Wales, except the Isle of Anglesey, levy charges for bulky item collections, and whilst the Vale’s scheme will be different to most others, in that it will offer concessions for those who are less able to pay, charges are scheduled to be introduced from April 1st this year.


Bulky item collections will be charged at £15 for up to 3 items, with each additional item charged at £5, up to a maximum of 5 items. Residents will still be able to take bulky household items to either of the Council's two Household Waste Recycling Centres free of charge. Residents who are eligible for a concession will be able to receive two free collections of up to 6 items in any one year.


Charges are also to be introduced to cover the costs of the provision or replacement of recycling boxes and caddies, similar to those currently in place for reusable green and blue bags.


Furthermore, in an effort to both limit the amount of food wasted and to recover the costs of any bags being used for dog fouling, charges will be introduced for additional kitchen waste bags, over an appropriate free allocation per week, and dog waste bags. Residents who take part in the kerbside food waste recycling scheme will be issued with rolls of bags sufficient to permit the waste from 3 full kitchen caddies to be recycled per week. Additional bags will be available by the roll at a price equivalent to 4p per bag.


The Council’s popular blue dog bags will be charged at £1.00 for 50 and this should help address the high demand whilst also providing the necessary income to cover the costs of this service that is specific to dog owning residents in the Vale.


To help address incidences of higher than average use of the Council’s Household Waste Recycling facilities at Barry and Llandow £15 permits are to be introduced for vans and trailers using the sites. This is similar to the arrangements in place at many other Local Authorities and still provides excellent value for money when compared to other alternatives such as the hire of skips.


The measures, set to be agreed by Cabinet on 9 February, are estimated to save the Council almost £270,000 per annum.