Aneurin Road shrubberies to be cleared


Published 22 January 2015


Residents of Aneurin Road, Barry, will see their open space restored as part of a series of small improvement works carried out by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


In November, following a request from residents, the Council conducted a survey to see how residents wanted the area to be managed.


And after around three quarters of residents agreed that removing the shrubberies completely to create an open grass area was the best way forward, the Council have now decided to go ahead with the work.


Subject to weather and ground conditions, the shrubberies will be removed and the areas returned to grass by the end of February.


While there may be periods when the road will be shut during the day to enable to works to take place, all disruption will be kept to a minimum.


Cllr Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Parks and Leisure, said: “It’s good to see residents getting involved with the Council to help improve their areas for everyone, and it’s encouraging to know that they have been engaged with and listened to.


“What had unfortunately become an overgrown patch of land can now be cleared and turned into a popular open space for everyone to enjoy."