Public invited to speak at Planning Committee


Published 3 February 2015


From February, members of the public, together with applicants, agents and Town and Community Council representatives, will be able to register to speak on planning applications to be determined by the Council’s Planning Committee.


Council-chamberThose wishing to speak at the Committee will need to register by 5.00pm at least two clear working days before their chosen meeting.


Meetings of the Planning Committee are normally held on a Thursday and from the Friday before each meeting a registration submission form will be available on the Council website. There will be a facility to register by phone for those without digital access by contacting 01446 709144.


Individual speakers, for or against a planning application, will be allowed up to three minutes to speak. However where two or more speakers have been identified, either for or against a planning application, each group will be allocated six minutes in total.


If more than one person has registered to speak for or against, they will be encouraged to nominate a spokesperson.


This comes after the Vale Council recently commenced webcasting Planning Committee meetings online via the Council’s website.


More information can be found at or by calling Democratic Services on 01446 709144.