Recycling Bring Bank Sites to Close


Updated 21 January 2015


Following the closure of a number of sites in 2014, Cabinet approved the closure of the remaining 19 recycling bring bank sites.


From 31 January Vale of Glamorgan residents will need to visit one of two household waste recycling centres.


The Barry Recycling Centre at the Atlantic Trading Estate will be open from 10am to 4pm in winter, and in summer from 8am to 6pm.


The Llandow Recycling Centre on Llandow Industrial Estate is also open from 10am to 4pm in winter, and in the summer from 10am to 5pm.


Director of Visible Services, Miles Punter, said: “Since co-mingled recycling collections were introduced, the bring bank sites have generally made up less than 1% of the overall dry recycling tonnage collected per annum. In addition, in recent years bring sites have suffered from fly-tipping and other abuse requiring them to be regularly cleansed by the Council's Waste Management team, representing an additional cost and workload.


“We hope our residents will understand our reasons for removing these sites. Whilst we clearly need to reuse and recycle more and more material, continuing to collect sub-standard recycling loads coupled with ever increasing site clearance costs was simply not sustainable. It should be noted that in most cases these bring sites were introduced a long time ago, before the introduction of the current recycling arrangements. As residents are never more than 7 days away from a kerbside recycling collection, there should be little need for them now. If residents do need to dispose of additional recycling then our household waste recycling facilities in Barry and Llandow are available. The added benefit with these sites is that staff are available at all times, both to advise residents and also to prevent any incidence of fly-tipping.”


The Vale of Glamorgan Council, like all councils in the UK, is facing significant financial pressure due to cuts in public sector funding. Around £32 million needs to be saved over the next three years.


The bring bank sites have seen a large increase in fly tipping and abuse, which has led to an increase in enforcement and clean-up costs.


Cabinet Member for Environment and Visible Services, Cllr Rob Curtis: “Problems at the bring bank sites have resulted in up to 5 tonnes of fly tipping being removed each week, with many loads of recycling having to be landfilled due to contamination.”


The full cabinet report submitted on 17 November 2014 is available online. For more information, call the Contact Centre on 01446 700111 or email