Vale councillors welcome flood protection scheme

29 July 2015

Local councillors have welcomed a multi-million pound project designed to protect parts of Barry from flooding.


Cadoc ward members Cllr Neil Moore, Cllr Anne Moore, and Cllr Fred Johnson have expressed their satisfaction that the longstanding flood risk in the Gibbonsdown, Cadoxton and Palmerston areas of the town will in future be greatly reduced by the £2.9m Coldbrook Catchment Flood Alleviation Scheme.


Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “There are over 200 homes and three schools within the flood risk area and in the last serious flooding in 2007 more than 100 properties were damaged. I am sure that this scheme will come as a great relief to the residents of the Cadoc ward and the surrounding area.”


Cllr Anne Moore added: “As local councillors we have long campaigned for an improvement to the area’s flood prevention infrastructure and are delighted to see the hard work of all of those involved in developing this scheme pay off.”


The Vale of Glamorgan Council is providing £380,000 towards the cost of the scheme with the remainder being met by Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, and the European Regional Development Fund. There is a history of flooding problems associated with the Coldbrook watercourse and associated drainage systems.


The watercourse begins in the Colcot, Barry, and flows around 3.7km through Gibbonsdown, Cadoxton and Palmerston before reaching the Bigis Moors drainage system. The scheme incorporates a range of improvements which will include repairing damaged sections, widening channels, clearing debris, provision of new overflow and interceptor drains, new ditches to collect overland flows and direct water into the drainage systems and the construction of flood storage area to hold back the peak of the flood.


The Welsh Government has estimated that the scheme will prevent an estimated £50 million of flood damages in the future.