Young people in Wales call for vote at 16


Published 17 July 2015Vale Youth Forum at Assemble the Youth event


The Vale Youth Forum, along with young people from all over Wales, met at the National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff for the announcement of the ‘Vote@16’ consultation on 15 July.


Members of the Vale Youth Forum teamed up with Cardiff Youth Council to help facilitate the Assemble the Youth event, which saw Wales’s young people come together to discuss the voting age being lowered to 16.


Following over ten thousand responses to the consultation, young people in Wales agreed that the voting age should be lowered to 16, with 53% agreeing, 29% disagreeing, and 18% stating ‘don’t know’.


The event, held by Dame Rosemary Butler AM, was attended by Children’s Commissioner for Wales Sally Holland and several Assembly Members, four of whom took part in a question and answer session with the young people.


Vale of Glamorgan Youth Mayor Tom Chandler, following the event, commented on the political appetite of young people in Wales.


He said: “There is a demand for political education as standard in schools that can’t be ignored.”