Central South Consortium response to the Wales Audit Office and Estyn reports


Published 03 June 2015


The five authorities and Consortium in Central South Wales welcome the findings of both reports and the contribution that Estyn and the Welsh Audit Office are making to supporting improvement in the region.


Schools across the Central South region have shown real progress since 2012. In particular:

  • In 2014 pupil outcomes from all four Key Stage results improved faster in the region than the national average; 
  • At secondary level young people in the region achieved 4.7% improvement at Level 2+ (5xA*-C GCSEs including English/Welsh and mathematics) against a national improvement of 2.7%;
  • In mathematics improvement was 3.9% points on average against a national average improvement of 1.4% points;
  • Attendance also improved in both phases maintaining the regions’ position at the national average at secondary level with a 1.5% point improvement in some authorities; 

In real terms this means 1044 more young people in the Central South region have left school in 2014 with five A*-Cs including English and mathematics compared to in 2012.


In inspection too, the region is showing improvement with more schools demonstrating good or better performance and receiving a good or excellent judgement on standards compared to 2011/12.


This improvement is as a result of the hard work of children and young people in the region, school staff, leaders and governors supported by local authorities and the Consortium working together.


Cllr Chris Elmore who chairs the Joint Committee of Central South Consortium said: “In the Central South region, schools are improving as demonstrated by outcomes and inspection information. We are determined to develop a self-improving school system where schools work together to develop capacity for improvement. We are pleased that headteachers are leading and positive about this direction of travel. These reports recognise progress in the region, but we are equally realistic that there remain a number of challenges ahead.”


Hannah Woodhouse, Managing Director of Central South Consortium, said: “In the Central South region, feedback from the Estyn and WAO inspection teams in November recognised a number of areas of progress including a clear strategy and vision, honest self-evaluation, good relationships, financial management and decision making, quality assurance and strengthened work of challenge advisers.


“We welcome particularly the feedback which identified areas for improvement and we are already working on these. The Consortium will present a plan in response to the recommendations from Estyn and WAO to our Joint Committee in June.


“We remain committed to improvement and in particular to working with the other three consortia, with Local Authorities and Welsh Government to build capacity, challenge each other and share what works well.”