Changes to coastal car park charges


Published 26 June 2015


Charges for parking at Harbour Road and Nell’s Point in Barry Island, Rivermouth and Brig y Don in Ogmore by Sea, and Cymlau in Southerndown, are set to change from 13 July.


Parking will still be free for disabled badge holders and solo motorcycles, and the all-day charge for cars and coaches will remain unchanged at £5 and £10 respectively.


At peak times, between 8am and 4pm, car parking for up to 1 hour will cost £1, with the usual all-day fee of £5 applying for all longer stays.


Between 4pm and 11pm, stays up to 1 hour will still be charged at £1, with all longer stays costing £2.


Car parks will remain open from 8am to 11pm throughout the year, including on bank holidays.