Ewenny residents sleep easier thanks to Environmental Health action


Published 11 June 2015


A couple have been prosecuted for breaching Statutory Abatement Notices and had their sound equipment seized following a 12-month investigation into complaints of loud music disturbing residents.


Speakers seized by environmental health June 2015Rebecca Athay, Team Leader for Pollution Control, said: “The Vale of Glamorgan Council is legally obliged to investigate allegations of statutory nuisance. In this case nuisance from loud music was determined and abatement notices were served on both Mr Christopher Morris and Ms Elizabeth Taylor.


“Mr Morris continued to play loud music and breached his abatement notice on four separate occasions. Ms Taylor continued and breached her notice on one occasion.”


Both Mr Morris and Ms Taylor pleaded guilty to the offences. Mr Morris was ordered to pay £1020 and Ms Taylor was ordered to pay £492. A Forfeiture Order to keep the seized offending equipment was also granted.


Richard Price, prosecuting for the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “On one occasion an Environmental Health Officer visited the complainant’s home and witnessed loud music being played. The noise was of a level that it would interfere with normal sleep and therefore cause statutory nuisance.”


Rebecca Athay added: “The Environmental Health Department, Pollution Control works very well with the Police and other agencies to tackle nuisance and anti-social behaviour. Obtaining reliable admissible evidence is essential in taking forward a successful prosecution.



“Once an abatement notice has been served it remains in place. Subsequent breaches will lead to further legal action being taken.”