Pant Wilkin charged for obstructing public right of way


Published 05 June 2015


Mr Timothy Vaughan of Pant Wilkin Stables, Aberthin, was found guilty of one offence of obstruction of a public footpath at a hearing at Cardiff Magistrates Court last week.


The case was brought by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Public Rights of Way team following an inspection of the footpath in January 2014.


Public Rights of Way Officer, Gwyn Teague, explained: “Mr Vaughan obstructed a public footpath by completing the construction of a new house across it.


“Development of property across public rights of way must not be undertaken before an order to divert or extinguish the route is successfully complete. Mr Vaughan did not await the outcome of the diversion process and as a result the Council has taken action to prosecute.”


Cabinet member Cllr Lis Burnett commented: “This prosecution sends out a clear signal to developers that obstruction of the public rights of way network will not be tolerated.


“When public paths need to be altered to accommodate development the public must be allowed the opportunity to engage in the diversion process. Building large obstructions over the path before completing that process pre-supposes the outcome and the Council will take punitive action as a result.”


Mr Vaughan has since submitted a new application to divert the public path.