Verge mowing revised to protect habitats


Published 04 June 2015


Due to the reduction in local authority budgets and The Action Plan for Pollinators in Wales published by the Welsh Government, the Parks and Grounds Maintenance Division has revised the Flail Mowing of Highway Verges.


In order to support pollinators such as bees and butterflies with beneficial, flower rich habitat across the Vale, the non-strategic verges (rural lanes) will only be cut after the optimum time of mid-July. This will also allow sufficient time for the majority of flowering plants to set seed.


Twenty nine identified vision splays on the non-strategic routes will be cut before mid-July.


The Strategic Routes (main roads) will be cut three times per year.


This cutting regime will achieve a financial saving although more importantly will improve the verges as connected habitats for pollinators throughout the area.