Easter recycling bunnies Jessica and Daniel from Gwenfo Church-in-Wales Primary SchoolPlease recycle your foil this Easter


Published 27 March 2015


With the Easter weekend upon us and the possibility of Easter eggs for our younger Vale residents, “please recycle your foil” is the message from The Vale of Glamorgan Council.


Easter recycling bunnies Jessica and Daniel, both 10 years old, from Gwenfo Church in Wales Primary School have been helping spread the message across the Vale to ensure that all Easter waste is recycled properly.


Since December 2011 clean foil can go in with residents’ co-mingled kerbside recycling, but the fact that it’s one of the newer materials to be added to the service can mean that it’s overlooked.


Clifford Parish, Operational Manager for Waste Management and Cleansing, said: “Children enjoy getting Easter eggs; I know my grandson Reuben does. We tend to buy the eggs that are either their favourites, or are on special offer in the shops.


“But many eggs now come with less unnecessary packaging such as plastic trays, and if you can, please buy eggs with no, or as little, packaging as possible. Once the chocolate has been enjoyed, please do recycle all foil, plus any cardboard boxes or plastic.”


With 90 million chocolate eggs sold in the UK every year, and many of these coming foil wrapped, Easter can be a time of year when more waste foil is around.


But as foil can be recycled in the Council’s co-mingled recycling service, along with cardboard and plastic, this should mean that all Easter packaging can be easily recycled at home.


Due to the Easter bank holidays, collections normally on Friday 3 April will take place the following day, Saturday 4 April. Collections on Monday 6 April will move to Tuesday 7 April, and so on until Friday 10 April, which will move to Saturday 11 April.


Full information on changes to your waste and recycling collections this Easter, due to the bank holidays, can be found at