Vale Council echoes calls for speedy action on funfair site


Published 3 March 2015


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has joined local traders and campaigners in calling for a new funfair operator to be allowed to put his plans into action as soon as possible, ahead of what is anticipated to be the busiest Easter period for Barry Island in many years.


Council officers have been working with successful funfair operator Henry Danter for a number of months to help him develop his plans for Barry Island. However, while the sale of the funfair site appears imminent, progress has been slow.


As the busy Easter period approaches, Rob Thomas, Director of Development Services, has outlined the Council’s role and repeated an earlier suggestion for a possible solution: “We are eager to see a funfair open once more on Barry Island as soon as possible and have done everything within our power to make this happen. Unfortunately what we cannot do is grant Mr Danter access to the site. The only people who can do this are its current owners.


“It appears their priority is the redevelopment of the Dolphin public house which sits alongside the derelict Barry Island pleasure park. An application for the redevelopment of the building for housing and commercial use is due to be considered on 12 March. However, there is no reason that the sale of the funfair site cannot progress in the meantime. Likewise, there is no reason why Mr Danter cannot be given immediate access to set up the site in time for Easter, given that he does not need planning permission or the consent of the Council.


“Council officers have worked with Mr Danter to ensure he does not need planning permission for his plans. As there would be no change of use, Mr Danter simply requires the consent of the owners to allow him on site. If there are issues affecting the sale then a temporary licence or lease arrangement could allow work to begin on the funfair tomorrow. I have made this point before, but still the owners appear reluctant to make progress.


“The recent improvements to Barry Island have reignited interest in the resort. We expect large numbers of people to visit this Easter to enjoy the new look eastern promenade. It is unbelievable and incredibly frustrating that the owners of the run down funfair appear quite content to let matters drift while everyone else with an interest in the Island are incredibly eager to make progress.”