Vale clarifies council tax decision


Published 9 March 2015


The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet agreed to a 3.9% rise in council tax on 23 February 2015.


Leader of the Council, Cllr Neil Moore, said: “At 3.9% the proposed council tax increase for the Vale for 2015/16 is one of the lowest of the 22 Welsh unitary authorities.


“As council tax equates to approximately only one quarter of the council’s net expenditure it represents less than a 1% increase overall at a time when the main source of the Council’s funding from Welsh Government continues to reduce, with a cut for next year of 3.5%, equivalent to £5.5 million.


“However, to reduce the potential impact on the Vale council tax payer, Council services have been tasked with achieving savings of over £6.8 million next year and an estimated £24.7 million over the next 3 years. The proposed budget for 2015/16 will also be supplemented by the use of £2.5 million of general reserves.


“It should be noted that, unlike in England, no funding has ever been allocated to Welsh councils to instigate any form of council tax ‘freeze’. In the circumstances, therefore, the proposed increase in council tax in the Vale is viewed as being a reasonable balance between the financial pressures on Council services, in particular education and adult social care, and the financial pressures on our council tax payers.


“The Council will continue to lobby Welsh Government, both directly and through the auspices of bodies such as the Welsh Local Government Association, to achieve a fairer funding settlement for Welsh local authorities generally and the Vale of Glamorgan in particular.”