Sealawns site finally to be cleared

16 November 2015

The site of the former Sealawns hotel near Ogmore is finally to be cleared by its owner following the success of long running legal action by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


The former hotel was demolished unlawfully in May 2012, since which time the debris has remained on site untouched. The site can be seen from the main road through Ogmore and from the popular coastal path along the nearby shore line.


It has always been the Vale Council’s contention that the unlawful demolition has blighted this picturesque section of the Heritage Coast and in court District Judge Bodfan Jenkins described its current condition as “an eyesore”.


Since the unauthorised demolition more than three years ago the Vale of Glamorgan Council has been working to force the owner, Mr John Williams, to improve the condition of the site by pursuing action under the Planning Act. 


The land owner has not taken any such action and instead, while also submitting planning applications for a residential development, has lodged a series of appeals against this action.


The latest appeal which was defeated in court this month was described by the judge as “spurious”, “a stalling act”, and “a desperate attempt to avoid financial outlay during the delay”.


After throwing out the appeal, the judge ordered the land owner to carry out the restoration scheme specified in the notice so as to improve the appearance of the site until such time as the site is redeveloped.


In his ruling District Judge Bodfan Jenkins described the site owner’s agent, who represented him at the appeal, Mr McLoughlin, as “disingenuous” saying that “he put matters forward without thought and [attempted to] pull the wool over the eyes of the Court.”


The judgement also awarded £6,000 costs to the Council. 


Following the judgement Head of Planning and Regeneration for the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Marcus Goldsworthy, said: “This judgement is a vindication of the Council’s long running legal action and should send a clear message to landowners in the Vale that unauthorised and unlawful developments will be met with robust action from the local authority.”