Vale of Glamorgan readies its winter fleet


9 November 2015 

Despite the unseasonably mild weather the Vale of Glamorgan Council has readied its fleet of gritters and spreaders in preparation for winter’s arrival. 

Although forecasters are able to predict weather patterns with a good degree of accuracy, the weather has a habit of tripping up the most reliable of forecasters as those whose memories stretch back to 1987 will no doubt recall.     
Not wishing to be caught on the back foot and with safety of its residents in mind, the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s fleet of gritters, spreaders and ploughs are poised and ready for action.

The Council’s winter maintenance service operates from October to April and does its best to ensure that the main routes across the Vale region are kept clear.

There are 638 miles or 1,020km of adopted highways in the Vale and over 43% of these are pre salted when there is ice or snow forecast.

The winter maintenance pages on the Council’s website have a lot of useful information which residents will hopefully find helpful during the colder winter months.

Councillor Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Visible & Leisure Services said: “Snow may seem a distant prospect at the moment but we take seriously our responsibility to keep the public safe during the winter months.  The best way we can do this is to let Vale residents know that our winter maintenance team is prepared for the onset of winter and where they can find useful information about our plans.”

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