Unauthorised occupation of Nell’s Point car park – update

12 October 2015

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has taken swift action following the unauthorised occupation of the Nell’s Point car park at Barry Island.


The travellers were informed immediately that their occupation of the site was both unauthorised and inappropriate. However, there is a strict legal process that must be followed in the event of the occupation of land by gypsy and traveller groups.


Before any action can be taken the Council is required to undertake a welfare assessment. This assessment was carried out by a representative of Gypsy and Travellers Wales on Saturday. Now that the assessment has been completed the Council has issued the travellers with a deadline of 10am on Tuesday 13 October by which to leave the site.


If this deadline is not met then the Council will commence legal action. All preparations required to take the matter to court are being made ahead of the deadline so that any enforcement action can be progressed promptly if required. In the event of any action the Council intends to ask the court to waive the usual two day notice period for a hearing so that the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible.


While arrangements to move the travellers on are being made, the Council has provided the group with access to running water, toilet facilities, and bins to dispose of their waste.


No complaints have been received by either the Vale of Glamorgan Council or South Wales Police about the travellers’ conduct. However, it remains the Council’s view that this is an unauthorised encampment that is causing disruption to the local community and one that is in no way appropriate.