Unauthorised occupation of Nell’s Point car park

09 October 2015

In the early hours of Friday 09 October the Nell’s Point car park at Barry Island was occupied, without authorisation, by a group of travellers.


South Wales Police were called to the site soon afterwards. Council officers were then called to the car park and have remained on site since.


The car park was locked, however when our officers arrived at the site on Friday morning the main access gate had been damaged and one of the hinges broken. To attempt to prevent any further unauthorised access, the gates are being repaired and following this they will remain closed with a Vale of Glamorgan Council vehicle preventing access during the day.


In line with the legal process that the Council is required to follow we are making arrangements for a representative from Gypsy & Travellers Wales to attend the site as soon as possible and undertake the necessary welfare assessments. The travellers have already been advised that their occupation at the site is unauthorised.  In this regard discussions with the travellers are ongoing.


We are currently taking all appropriate action and will be working with the South Wales Police and Gypsy and Travellers Wales and to ensure the situation is addressed as quickly as possible. 


Regular updates will be provided.