Urgent report to be prepared on Vale Council response to refugee crisis

07 September 2015

Councillor Bronwen Brooks, Cabinet Member for Housing, Building Services and Community Safety, has added her voice to the debate in response to the ongoing refugee crisis.

Cllr Brooks said: "I have asked for a report to be submitted to Cabinet as a matter of urgency on how the Vale of Glamorgan Council can provide support to refugees displaced by the conflict in the Middle East.

"The preparation of a report addressing how we could best support international refugees is already underway. In light of the escalating refugee crisis across Europe and the situation developing and indeed changing daily, I have asked for the report to be brought to Cabinet as a matter of urgency.

"The nature of the crisis is such that public organisations across the country have a responsibility to those in such great need. This is, however, a complex issue and we must fully understand the impact of any response before action is taken and how we can co-ordinate that action with partners and other public and charitable bodies.  

"The role of the National UK Government is also vital, as is the support that UK Government can and indeed should provide not only to refugees themselves, but also to all local Councils in making housing and other vital services available.

"The Vale Council cannot address this issue alone. Discussions with local partners about how best we can alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable people are already underway. To this end, I am committed to working with all organisations and partners to ensure that the Vale Council is at centre stage when responding to the crisis. It is of course essential that any response is coordinated not only across the UK but also a regional level.

"The Vale Council will set aside funding to help us respond to the crisis. I have already met with colleagues from Cardiff Council and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.  I will also be ensuring that the Vale Council is represented at the summit announced by the First Minister earlier this week."