Fly-tipping - the true cost of cheap garden clearance

10 August 2016


A substantial amount of waste dumped at a local beauty spot has brought into focus the issues of accepting offers of cut price gardening services.


Stalling Down RubbishMany tons of what appears to be garden refuse was recently dumped on Stalling Down, much of the rubbish consisted of felled trees, shrubs, old fence panels and garden waste, placing a huge financial cost on the Council to remove it safely and restore the area to its former state. 

Marcus Goldworthy, Head of Regeneration and Planning, said: “It is disheartening to see the amount of rubbish that has been dumped at such a popular local destination.”

“The amount of waste is consistent with activity on a commercial scale and it looks as though numerous properties in the area have benefitted from what appears to be a cheap option to have gardens cleared.

“However, the cost is often passed on in the form of increased rates, as the Council has to draw money from budgets that are already stretched, to clean up the mess.

“In this instance, the estimated cost to the Council has been £4400.  I would ask residents to be mindful of the impact of using such services or any offer to remove rubbish or bulky items for unrealistically cheap prices. You might be responsible for blighting your local beauty spot or receive a sizeable fine if the rubbish is traced back to you.”