Vale of Glamorgan ranked second best performing council in Wales for recycling


31 August 2016


The Vale of Glamorgan has seen the amount of household waste prepared for reuse, recycled or composted increase by nearly 10% since March 2015 to make it the second highest performing of all 22 local authorities in Wales.


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Increasing the rate of recycling is extremely important to councils as they face heavy Welsh Government fines if they fail to reach national recycling performance targets. The Vale has, however, not only greatly exceeded the 58% target set by ministers for 2016 it has also met the 64% target set for 2020 four years ahead of schedule.

During the period  1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 Vale of Glamorgan Council recycled 65% of the waste it collected. 



% of waste recycled in the Vale of Glamorgan

March 2015


June 2015


September 2015


December 2015


March 2016




This significant and sustained increase, recorded in a period where a number of other local authorities saw their recycling rates fall, is further evidence that the Vale of Glamorgan Council is one of highest performing councils in Wales. It also follows an overwhelmingly positive corporate assessment by the Wales Audit Office.

Cllr Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Visible, Leisure and Regulatory Services, said: “The national recycling figures released by Welsh Government show that councils across Wales are doing great work to get waste out of landfill and into recycling centres. Nowhere is this more true than in the Vale of Glamorgan. The Vale Council works hard to keep residents informed about what can be recycled and the impact on us all of missing Welsh Government’s challenging targets. We have a highly dedicated team of refuse collectors who are out almost every day of the year and collect more than 50,000 tonnes of garden, kitchen and household waste every year.

Most importantly, however, we have the residents of the Vale who each week work with us to sort their waste and put it out for collection. I would like to thank all Vale residents on behalf of the Council for their continued support of our recycling schemes, particularly in light of recent changes to collection schedules, introduced to reduce operating costs whilst recognising the huge ongoing shift from black bag collections towards greater recycling. I am very confident that by continuing to work together we can make the Vale one of the greenest areas in the county.”

The Vale of Glamorgan Council provides a range of waste collection services, all of which are designed to promote sustainability. Mixed dry recycling and kitchen waste are collected from the kerbside on a weekly basis, while non-recyclable household waste and garden waste is collected fortnightly. Much of the garden waste collected is used to provide free compost and wood chippings for residents in the Vale, and the Council also makes special seasonal provisions for the collection of Christmas trees.

The Council’s website features an A-Z guide of all recyclable materials to let residents know exactly what can and cannot be put into green bags and a postcode search tool that allows households to check their collections days 24/7.