Decommissioning of chemical tank at Barry Chemical Complex


Monday 15 February 2016

Zeon Chemicals, based at Barry Chemical Complex, are planning to decommission their Mercaptan tank.


Mercaptan has an unpleasant smell, which can at times be mistaken for a gas leak at low concentrations. When the tank is opened on Monday 15 February, any smells will be destroyed using a Thermal Oxidiser, however there is still a small possibility that some smell could cross the plant boundary and be noticeable to residents in the area.


With this in mind, Zeon would like us to inform residents that there is nothing to worry about should they smell anything unusual in the vicinity of Barry Chemical Complex.


The Gas Board have been informed this work is taking place, as have Natural Resources Wales who will be visiting the site on Monday afternoon. The material is not hazardous to humans, but is harmful to aquatic organisms if allowed to enter water courses.


The work is expected to commence on Monday 15 February and be finished before the afternoon of Friday 19 February.