Second Weycock Cross planning appeal withdrawn

11 February 2016

Following the dismissal last week of the planning appeal brought by Taylor Wimpy PLC for a development of up to 200 houses at the Weycock Cross site in Barry, the Vale of Glamorgan Council is pleased to advise that a second appeal for a separate proposed 200 house development on land at Walters Farm, also at Weycock Cross in Barry, has now been withdrawn.


Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Council, said: “This Council could not have made any clearer its opposition to the building of houses at Weycock Cross.  We have always maintained that there is no justification for extending the settlement boundary of Barry, and so any development of Weycock Cross is totally inappropriate.


“It is clear that the decision of the Natural Resources Minister earlier this month was a vindication of our tough stance on both applications. This has been a lengthy battle for this administration. One which started with the removal of the original Weycock Cross site from the Vale’s draft local development plan and that has ended in victory today with the withdrawal of this second appeal.”


The Walters Farm appeal was lodged by Walters Land (Rogerstone) Limited before the determination of the application by the Council but a recommendation of refusal was supported by the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Committee on grounds that the development was clearly contrary to the adopted Unitary Development Plan, would impact upon the appearance of the countryside and the existing special landscape area, failed to mitigate against the increase in traffic created and was premature in advance of the adoption of Deposit Draft Local Development Plan.