Pool cars driving savings for Vale Council

19 January 2016

The Vale of Glamorgan Council expects to save in excess of £100,000 in the next twelve months as a result of an innovative ‘pool car’ scheme that was piloted during 2015.

Pool Car Corsa

Many council staff, such as social workers, are required to drive from place to place as part of their everyday work. In April 2015 the Council introduced a new scheme that saw these staff using communal ‘pool cars’ rather than traveling in their own vehicles and being subsequently reimbursed for their mileage costs.

These new cars are central to a wider scheme to reduce the cost of employee transport. Since the scheme began in April last year the cars have covered more than 169,000 miles and costs have been cut by nearly £65,000.

Cllr Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Visible Services, said: “As so many of our staff were previously  required to use their own vehicles in the course of their work, we recognised that a corporate pool car scheme could deliver substantial financial savings by cutting mileage claims. I am delighted by the success of the trial and to be able to highlight yet another way in which the Vale of Glamorgan Council is finding new ways of working to help address the unprecedented financial challenges that we face.”

The trial saw the use of 40 cars which were hired on a short term basis. However, in light of its success, the Council has now purchased its own vehicles via a government auction scheme. As this reduces the cost of the cars, the move is expected to save an additional £6,000 per month and take the projected saving for the project’s first year to in excess of £100,000.  

The new cars will be located at the four main Council sites. To help protect Council staff, monitor use of the vehicles, and ensure maximum efficiency the cars will be fitted with the Council’s vehicle telemetry system, which tracks their movements and monitors the way in which they are driven.