Work to begin to make safe Penarth Escarpment

13 January 2016

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to begin work to cut back vegetation on Penarth Escarpment to help prevent landslips.


The work, due to begin on 18 January, will see the majority of trees trimmed in order to stimulate their growth and a number cut back to ground level to encourage the growth of branches at lower levels.


The escarpment to the south of Penarth Marina is a manmade ‘cliff’ which has seen several landslips in recent years. The cliff has been rated as being at significant risk of slippage since 2004. A number of measures have been taken since, such as clearing the cliff of loose material and installing netting. However, these have not prevented further landslips.


A number of investigations have been undertaken in recent years into how best to safeguard the escarpment for the long term. A report in 2011 found that uncontrolled tree growth to be one of the principle factors in causing slippages. The most recent inspection, undertaken in 2014, recommended that work be undertaken to improve the stability of the slope.


The work is likely to take four weeks. Temporary road closures may be needed during this time.