New Waste Collection Days

From Monday 1 August waste and recycling collection days for some households in the Vale of Glamorgan will be changing.

Recycling lorryFollowing an impressive recycling figure of 64% in 2014/15, the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s waste and recycling service will continue to evolve, as it moves towards achieving a statutory recycling target of 70% by 2024/25.

The introduction of new collection days will allow the Council to maximise vehicle usage and staffing, by optimising routes and collections.

All households will receive a letter notifying them of their new collection day or confirming that their existing collection day will be remaining the same.


Check Your Collection Days

You can check your collection dates online, enter your postcode to find out when your next black bag, garden waste and recycling collections are.


Please Note: New collection dates will not be live on our website until Friday 29 July 2016.



Recycling box with net

Co-mingled Recycling

Place all dry recycling in one container for recycling

Recycle Paper, Glass, Cans, Cardboard, Plastic, Clean foil, Empty Aerosols and Cartons.


Co-mingled Recycling

Kitchen waste caddy and bags

Kitchen Waste Recycling

Place food waste into one container for recycling.

Recycle food waste including bread, dairy, meat, fish, pasta, rice and vegetable peelings.


Kitchen Waste Recycling


Garden Waste Recycling

From March to November your Garden Waste is collected every other week.

Recycle garden waste including grass, shrub cuttings and leaves.


Garden waste recycling