Speed Awareness Signs in operation

27 July 2016

Driver Messaging Feedback signs have been deployed and are now operational at two locations along Dinas Road in Penarth, to raise awareness of speed and obtain information on the overall speed of traffic.


The signs have been programmed to activate once a vehicle approaches at a speed in excess of 30 mph and will then display the speed at which the motorist passes. 


It is anticipated that the signs will remain in place for three months, after which time the data that has been collected about the speed of vehicles on the roads in question, will be collated.  The information will be used to establish if there is a speeding issue at the locations and whether any further enforcement action will need to be taken. 


The signs will be used in conjunction with automatic traffic counts, to give a greater picture of the traffic flow.


Cllr Peter King, Cabinet Member for Building Services, Highways and Transportation, said: “The Council has deployed a pair of vehicle activated signs on Dinas Road in Penarth to improve highway safety, by reminding drivers of their responsibility of driving at a safe speed.”


“The safety of road users and pedestrians is paramount and it is hoped that the above initiative will be successful to reassure the local community that the council is proactive in the education of speed enforcement in residential areas.”