Flying Start Safety Event


15 June 2016


The Vale of Glamorgan’s Flying Start team landed in Barry recently, delivering a family safety event aimed at both parents and carers.


As part of Child Safety Week, Barry residents were given advice on child safety, and how, in particular, the use of handheld devices can become a distraction for those caring for children.


The event took place in King Square, with a number of partnership organisations, including the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and South Wales PoliFlying Start Safety Event, 2016ce, on hand to deliver the key message – ‘Turn off Technology’ – whilst also providing  activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Recent research from the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) has shown how mobiles, and other handheld devices, are putting children at risk of serious accidents, with one in four parents admitting that their child has been involved in an accident or near-miss when they, themselves, have been engrossed in their device. 


The research has also demonstrated that this ‘switching off’ is becoming more common in the behaviour of children, with one in six incurring injuries during accidents – such as stepping out into the road without looking – whilst engaged by their mobile phones. Flying Start’s recent event in Barry emphasised the need to remain ‘tuned-in’ to your surroundings, and not your phone.


A Welsh Government programme whose goal is to ‘improve a child’s development, health and well-being in preparation for school’, Flying Start offer a range of services, including free part-time childcare for 2-3 year olds, access to parenting programmes and the development of a child’s language.


The safety event proved to be a resounding success, with a fantastic turn-out.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt that by turning off technology at crucial times in the day, parents can give their children their focus and keep them safer.


Claire Haydon, Flying Start Safety Officer, said: “A great day was had by all, and it was fantastic to see the families engaging with each of the services present. We have had really good feedback and are thankful to all who helped make the day a success!”


Flying Start aims to make a positive impact on the lives of children across Wales. For more information on Flying Start in the Vale, visit