Cogan Primary School sponsor the training of a Police Dog

Thursday 3 March

Pupils at Penarth’s Cogan Primary School have been in touch with South Wales Police, to play a part in the training of one of their police dogs.  


Following a successful charity project to raise money to sponsor animals with the World Wildlife Fund last year, children at the school were excited about the prospect of sponsoring an animal a little closer to home.
The school were thinking about new creative curriculum activities and came up with the idea of sponsoring the training of a police dog.  When they contacted South Wales Police to see if it was possible, they received an enthusiastic response.  


Cogan Primary are the first school to sponsor the training of a dog with South Wales Police and have now been partnered with PC Russ Jones and Jess.  Jess had been due to start bomb detection training and the sponsorship request came at the right time.


Jess has now visited the school to show how her training is progressing, by competing with pupils in a search and find competition, in which they raced to find as many items as they could in two minutes.


Year 3 and Jess resized 

Head Teacher, Susan Sibert said, “The sponsoring of Jess has demonstrated child led learning at its best, involving all our school community in a worthwhile venture. The children’s learning has been enhanced using a real life situation; the project has allowed them to use their literacy and numeracy skills to plan and solve problems.


“We are proud to be leading the way in starting and piloting a new sponsorship idea that will support our police officers in our community and beyond. We hope that our experience will inspire other schools to sponsor a police dog or a police horse in the future.”


Dog Handler, PC Russ Jones, said: “It was great to be approached by the school – their timing was perfect as we had just taken on Jess who had not even started any training.  It was an opportunity for the school to get involved at an exciting time, right at the start of her policing career.


“I’d like to say a big thank you to all the children, teachers, and parents at the school, who have all worked so hard to raise money for her training.


“She’s progressing really well, so come April, I’ll take great pride in taking her back to see the children as a fully qualified explosives detections dog.”


The school has now raised in excess of £400 to sponsor Jess through her training.  Pupil’s fundraising ideas have included a cake sale, Christmas jumper day and a forthcoming race with Jess.