Council tax set for the Vale of Glamorgan

11 March 2016

An increase in council tax for the Vale of Glamorgan of 3.9% was agreed at a meeting of full council on Thursday 10 March 2016.

Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “As the cuts imposed by central government continue to bite deeper into council budgets, the task of balancing the need to protect the most important of our services and to limit the increase in council tax becomes ever more difficult.

“To cover the cost of this year’s £3.3m cut in Welsh Government funding alone would have required an increase in council tax of 5.5%. On top of this a combination of increased demand, increasing legislative requirements, and cost pressures has caused the cost of delivering our services to have risen by over £8m.

“Despite these unprecedented challenges, and due in large part to the £9.2m of savings we will achieve by redesigning our services to be more cost efficient, the Council will next year be providing an extra £1.6m to the Vale’s schools and an extra £2.2m to provide care and support to the most vulnerable groups in our society through social services.

“All of this will be achieved despite the Council operating with a reduced budget and while still keeping the council tax for the Vale of Glamorgan below the Welsh average and limiting the increase to the average band D home to less than £1 per week.”