The Vale Council’s seasonal grass cutting team are ready for action

29 March 2016

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s award winning parks team is ready for a new way of working and another busy summer of grass cutting.

To improve the way in which many of the Vale’s green spaces are managed a number of changes have been made to the grass cutting routine for 2016. This year will see a trialling of longer grass ‘collars’ being left around some trees to prevent damage from strimmers along with a number of other measure to develop a more a sustainable natural environment for the county.

summer grass cutting team



Vale residents may also notice that the team will be using a new type ride-on mower for the first time that will speed up grass cutting in many areas that were previously only accessible to hand mowers. A measure that will reduce both cost and the disruption of maintenance to our green spaces. 


Cllr. Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Visible Services & Leisure said: “After some intensive training the Council’s parks team are ready to provide a top quality service yet again this summer. There has been a significant investment in new equipment to improve the quality of grass cutting this season and I believe that we are now in a position to deliver an improved service and an even more attractive Vale for both residents and visitors to enjoy.”