Sport and exercise classes in community centres


27 May 2016


The Vale of Glamorgan has a selection of venues in which residents can take part in sport and exercise.


For some residents, visiting a leisure centre to take part in a class is not something they feel confident or comfortable doing.  But, alongside its many purpose-built sporting facilities, there are a host of community centres quickly becoming an essential part of the sports and fitness environment.


19 of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s 22 community centres now offer the opportunity for sport and physical activity. There are 21 different activities on offer across the centres, ranging from badminton to table tennis, tai chi to karate, street dance to salsa.


Cllr. Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Visible, Leisure and Regulatory Services, said: “Fitness and health is a significant part of all of our lives, and we have a variety of venues across the Vale of Glamorgan in which we can exercise and become part of a sporting team. The social element of sport is also an important one: our community centres allow us to exercise, but also provide us with an opportunity to meet new people.”


In addition to the activities available within community centres, there are also a wide range of sports clubs that deliver sport to young and old.  For further information regarding these sporting and physical opportunities, contact the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Sports & Play Development Team on 01446 704793. For information on the community centres, contact the Council’s Community Development Officer on 01446 704813, or visit